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GBWhatsapp 2020 – How to install in PC

GBWhatsapp 2020 - How to install in PC

GBWhatsapp is an excellent mod version of WhatsApp that comes packed with several appealing features. The application is fantastic for every individual who seeks more from the app. Be it multiple themes, superior privacy settings, or great customization options. However, the application is not available on Playstore, so installing the same is a little questionable.


Given that one has to download the mod from unreliable sources, it is even more tricky to install it on your computer. Let us take a quick glance at a step by step guide to install GBWhatsapp on your PC.


GBWhatsapp 2020 – How to install in PC

Install Android Emulator

The first thing you have to know is that GBWhatsapp is that a windows version is not available. So firstly, you need to download an android emulator on your device. The BlueStacks Android emulator is an excellent choice as it is safe and easy to use.


You can do this conveniently by going to the official website of BlueStacks. Once on the website, you will see an option of downloading BlueStacks available on the top-right corner. Click on the download option, and click on the bluestacks.exe file. You will know the procedure is complete once you receive the “Installation Complete” message on your screen.


Install GBWhatsapp

Once the android emulator is set up, you can access and use GBWhatsapp on your computer as it is compatible with Android. You simply have to go to your preferred search engine, search for GBWhatsapp, and download the APK. Be sure to have installed the latest version of the APK from a reliable source on the internet.

GBWhatsapp 2020 - How to install in PC
GBWhatsapp 2020 – How to install in PC


Once the APK is downloaded, go to your android emulator and install the APK on your device. Once the installation is complete, check if it is running correctly. You can additionally run the machine through a virus scan just to be sure.


Configure and Get Started

Now that your APK has been installed and running, you have to verify your phone number. If you plan on having a new account, you have to follow the usual steps you would follow while opening a regular WhatsApp account. Once you have opened the WhatsApp account, text someone to see if the application is functioning correctly.


You can then customize your account with themes, fonts, and privacy settings. You can additionally check for the features you can find on your computer as well!


Final Words

You are all set if you follow these steps to run GBWhatsapp on your computer device. If, at any point, the process fails, re-install the applications, and it should run perfectly well. With this fantastic mod for your perusal, you can access great features and customize your WhatsApp for the best experience.


Not only will you have better features, but you will also have the upper hand as compared to your friends. We are sure that this article is helpful to you, and you can now access GBWhatsapp on your computer and have fun with it


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