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GBWhatsapp 2020 – New Features new updates


WhatsApp has become an irreplaceable application for almost everyone. Allowing people to connect, socialize, and update about their lives, WhatsApp is easily one of the best apps. What can be even better than WhatsApp? Well, GBWhatsapp, of course. GBWhatsapp is a mod for WhatsApp that has been around for some time now. While WhatsApp can cover the basic socialization needs, GBWhatsapp offers a lot more. Today, let us discover those special and new features!

GBWhatsapp 2020 – New Features

1.    Customization

The first and most appealing factor of GBWhatsapp is that almost every aspect of it is customizable. Regular WhatsApp very recently provided a dark and light theme setting. GBWhatsapp has had multiple themes up its ally for the longest time; it can be almost any color. Additionally, you can change the chat bubbles, fonts, and even the ticks that appear on the chats.


2.    More Options

Everything you can do on WhatsApp, you can do better on GBWhatsapp. You can pin more than three chats on GBWhatsapp. You can send 100mb audio files instead of the available 16 mb files. You can send 50mb videos instead of 16 mb. You can send 90 pictures at one go instead of the usual ten pictures.


You can set a group name with 35 characters instead of the usual 25 characters. You can also broadcast up to 600 people at one go, as opposed to 250 people broadcast lists. Lastly, add the status of 255 characters, as opposed to the usual 139 characters. To sum up, there are a lot of options that enhance the features that were available in WhatsApp.

3.    Privacy

WhatsApp provides a lot of security with encrypted messages and passcodes; however, GBWhatsapp takes the cake here as well. GBWhatsapp has multiple privacy elements that do not exist on WhatsApp, such as the single tick option. The sender will not be able to see if their message has even been delivered. You can also opt for a 24-hour online option; on the other hand, hide the fact that you have been online. You can selectively hide last seen and copy multiple messages without the date and name tag.

GBWhatsapp 2020 - New Features


4.    Additional Features

If you thought that’s the end of the list of appealing features, you’re wrong; GBWhatsapp has more to offer. You can copy the status of people directly. You can see which messages are exclusive and which are broadcasts. You can save the stories put up by your friends on the phone. Lastly, there is also an auto-reply feature that allows you to reply to automated messages.

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Latest Version 12.03
Total Downloads 4,000,000+
App size 53.5 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features


WhatsApp is a great private messaging app, but for people who seek better advantages, GBWhatsapp is for them. The features are superior and enabling the user to have a lot more benefits. Ranging from aesthetics to utility, GBWhatsapp is the choice for you if you like having more. We are hoping this article was helpful to you, and with information regarding all the great features, you can choose the best!



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