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Top Medical Colleges in the USA

Top Medical Colleges in the USA

Top Medical Colleges in the USA: The field of medicine and healthcare is one of the most advancing fields in this emerging world. Undoubtedly, they play a vital role in balancing the human life on earth through survival and progressing through all odds.

The USA, being one of the most developed nations, is home to some of the most reputed and prestigious medical colleges in the world offering the best educational facilities and research facilities to the interested and talented physicians, researchers,, and scientists of tomorrow.
Here are the top five elite medical colleges in the USA considered the best players in the field.

5) UCSF School of Medicine

UCSF or the University of California School of Medicine is the oldest medical college in California, San Francisco. Top Medical College in USA Founded in 1864, the UCSF School of Medicine is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in the USA shares it’s campus with UCSF medical center, which is the 5th best hospital in the USA. Apart from the medical center, UCSF has a Psychiatric Institute, UCSF Children’s hospital, UCSF women’s hospital, and UCSF cancer hospital under its wing and authority.

Popularly known for its research facilities, UCSF has six Nobel laureates. 2500+ faculty and 4000+ academic staff, working under 28 departments along with 8 research units and 5 major research centers from the UCSF School of Medicine ranked fifth in the list of the top medical colleges in the USA.


4) Perelman School of Medicine

The Perelman School of Medicine, established in 1765 is the oldest medical college in the USA. One of the Top Medical Colleges in the USA Also known as Penn-med which is derived from its previous name University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia. Perelman School of Medicine is also a contender among the seven Ivy League schools.

It is renamed the Perelman School of Medicine after its alumni who bought the naming rights fora record amount of money. Being the first medical college in the USA, Perelman School of Medicine has made immense contributions to the world through its research and innovations in the medical field.

3) Stanford University School of Medicine

SUSM, functioning under Stanford University was established in the year of 1858. The
School of Medicine is rated to be the best and leading in the research of a wide range of
medical heads including Genetics, Genomics, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Biochemistry,, and Bioinformatics.

The Top Medical Colleges in USA SUSM was previously known as the Cooper Medical College which was renamed in 1908.

It shares its campus with Stanford Healthcare which holds the third rank in the list of best
hospitals of California and Lucile Packard Children’s hospital under its wing.
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2) John Hopkins School of Medicine

John Hopkins Hospital, The No1 hospital in the USA which started functioning from 1889
established John Hopkins School of Medicine in 1893. Operating under the John Hopkins
University, JHSM is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

JHSM is famous for its research facilities and the quality of medical education. Some of the major research contributions made by John Hopkins School of Medicine include the development of CPR, innovations in double arm transplant, Introduction of a biological pacemaker, etc.

Considering the quality of education offered, a medical degree from JHSM is considered one of the top 5 most prestigious and elite degrees in the world.

1) Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School, functioning under the renowned and prestigious Harvard University is undoubtedly one of the top colleges in the USA, offering medical education. The third oldest medical college in the USA was established and 1782 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Harvard medical school and its researchers and students have always made worthy contributions to the entire medical sector including innovations and developments like vaccinations for smallpox, Anaesthesia, Insulin, cardiac pacemaker, the first successful kidney transplant, development for artificial skin against burn, etc.


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